Breathing Color made an interesting request!

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Yesterday I received a call from my account rep, Steven, over at Breathing Color.  They’ve recently moved offices and they’re all settled in now.

He was calling to ask if I’d like two of my pieces displayed at their new offices.  The idea, they’d like to show their clients’ works in the office.  I think that’s great all the way around, and I’m jumping on the opportunity.

Now, as you all know, I use Breathing Color’s canvases for all of my pieces and the bulk of my clients’ work as well.  And you know that I talk about their products regularly, but I don’t get anything for it.  Just want readers to remember that.  Bottom line, when I find a product I like I talk about it.  When people ask about computers, I say Mac.  When someone asks about the Z3100 I sing the praises of the system that is paying my bills.  When someone asks about RVs I say “Airstream.”  The reason I own these items is because they work well for me!

Breathing Color is in the same camp with the rest of my favorite gear.  Their canvas helps my prints to look good.  And the Allure Rag, love that stuff.  Ian is a huge fan of the Optica One paper for his water colors.  Just a couple of happy customers!

So, the request for prints was very flattering, and of course I’ll be doing it.  The image the folks at Breathing color had in mind?  My Taxi piece from the Bisbee trip.  I’m totally on board with that one.


Now, to all you out there in net land…….They’d like another piece as well.  I’m thinking a 32×48″ size……  Any suggestions as to one other piece that represents my photography over all?  Really, I’d appreciate the input, so don’t be shy!

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  1. Watson Lake, in the Granite Dells, That image alone has made me want to visit the area.
    I love your route 66 photos too. But a nature photo combined with the taxi one better represents the wide range of photography you do. IMO

  2. My vote would be for your image of Watson Lake and the Granite Dells. One of my favorites of all of your work!

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  4. Let me throw a monkey wrench into the whole thought process and suggest either the “window-in-a-window”, or the “One Tree Hill” in the Dells – an “oldy” but goody.

    It would make life a little easier if they were to need about 10… or 20.

  5. I know you asked for suggestions for the other image to put up at their new offices, but I just wanted to congratulate you on getting this request for you work to be displayed.

    Also, I have been to Bisbee several times, and never saw this very cool taxi, nor clouds in the sky…you got good karma Rich! Great shot.
    .-= Jay´s last blog ..Another shoot with Denni =-.

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    Thanks Jay! I was very tickled that they asked me as well. It’s pretty cool that they’re looking to display their clients’ works, and it’s a great way to show off their product as well!

    On the Taxi…..timing is everything! 🙂

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