Breathing Color’s Allure Rag

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When the Z3100 was fired up at our shop one of the first rolls of media to hit the printer was HP’s Premium Photo Satin…..

It was a disappointment.  I’ve still got a bunch of it left, and I’d be happy to print at a lower cost for anyone who’s interested in using it…..just saying.

So, before I get into some kudos I’ll tell you my trouble with HP’s Satin line.  It scratches.  Really easily.  I mean really easy!  To the point where the paper feeder in the printer actually leaves marks on the paper.  Ugh!

Yes, I’m overly particular.  But when you look close at a print on that Satin you’ll see the marks.  And if you put a rolled up print in the back of your Versa for 30 minutes it will be scratched senseless.  Basically, you need to get the print directly matted and under glass if you want it to remain unmarred.  That’s my experience with the HP Satin (maybe I got a bad roll).

Now, onto Breathing Color’s Allure Rag.  Totally usable.  Great Semi-gloss finish on a heavy weight paper.  It’s what I’d hoped HP’s Photo Satin would be.  And the results are what I’d hoped for with HP’s Satin.  A heavy weight semi-gloss with some extra “umph” exactly where you want it.  The best part… can handle it.  I mean really handle it.  As an experiment I put a print in the back of the Versa (just like I did with the HP Satin) and guess what.  After a ride home bouncing around in the back seat unsecured there weren’t any visable scrathes.  Ah, that’s what I like.

So, I’m pretty confident in this new paper.  Confident enough to start printing my favorites from the Ghost Town series 11″ x 17″.  6 prints this afternoon.  Tomorrow I’ll continue with a few more select prints.  Getting everything ready for next month’s show……I figure I’ll do 2 sets of each selected print unframed, backing, and a happy little clear bag for protection of the prints.  I’m sure the Allure prints will jump out at anyone who looks at them.

I will be ordering some wider rolls of the Allure next week.  When I find something I like I stock it.  Of course, I don’t know where we’ll store it, running out of stock room…..stretcher bars, canvas out the wazoo, and some new equipment coming in this week!

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