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Ah, that time of year again. Drive space at a premium on the portable system once more!

While traveling the U.S. a pair of LaCie portable firewire drives were my primary backups and functional drives. Great stuff from LaCie! Both the portable drives that saw me through my travels are still with me, but they’re pretty close to maxed out!

A pair of MyBooks are currently running things here at the Airstream.  They’re doing a great job, but they’re getting a little full!  The primary MyBook is functioning as my “Time Machine” backup as well.  You wouldn’t believe how much is stored for “Time Machine.”  Seriously, pretty big stuff.

So, what’s next in the drive / backup quest?  Simple…..Two new OWC Mercury ON The Go drives.  What’s with the change?

Well, I’m still a huge fan of LaCie.  And I’ve been happy with the MyBooks as well.  With the MyBooks I’ve got to be plugged in somewhere, and I really do value portable drives.  After reading many reviews and seeing OWC’s in action I decided it’s time for me to give them a try as well.  Let’s hope they hold up like my portable LaCies have.  If they do I’ll be a happy camper once more.

By the way.  I got the SATA USB 2.0 and Firewire 400 combo drives.  2 of them.  They’ll be strictly used for photo files while traveling this year.  Yes, I’m planning on more travel again!  Ghost towns, desert scenes, Monument Valley, West Clear Creek, and much, much more!

Of course, I’ll let you know what I think of them down the road!

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