Breathing Color’s Vibrance Rag….or….Contests hurt my brain

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There was a special treat in my inbox recently.  Breathing Color has announced a contest for their customers (you can check it out on their blog).  You get to submit 1 print, 12×18″, on one of the “newest” papers.  Vibrance Rag.

Well, it just so happened that I was on the phone the other day with my rep Stephen regarding an order and he mentioned the contest, and that one would need to use Vibrance Rag to enter.  Of course I ordered a sample roll on the spot (good sales work Stephen).  That roll arrived yesterday.  And this morning I added Vibrance Rag to the IPF8300.  Color profiling done too!

I ran one of my favorite prints on the Vibrance this morning……..

Vibrance Rag will now be carried by RL Charpentier Photography.  In particular I think Chris Marzonie will dig this rag even more than he did with Allure.  And Chris really loved the Allure Rag.  But Vibrance goes way beyond the Allure!  This is a satin quality paper, the texture is very interesting and adds to dramatic landscapes in a big way, and like many of their other papers another 100% Cotton product.  They’re currently working on archival certification as well.  Put simply, very impressed.

Why oh why do vendors torture me with new cooler products?  Just asking………

The Contest

So, what’s the contest about?  Well, it’s to help showcase Vibrance Rag of course.  And it will help showcase whoever wins it as well.  Honestly, I want to win it!  Usually I don’t do contests, but this one is of interest.  It’s being run by my favorite vendor.  And it’s using a new material that pops.  Seriously, I’ve made two prints with my test roll now and I’m trying to stop myself from making more.  Well, until I pick the submission image that is!

Here’s where I’m hung up.  I’ve got some personal favorites.  The first image in this post is the image I’ve already printed on Vibrance and it ROCKS!  The images afterward are the ones I’m considering.  Here’s where I need readers’ help.  I don’t know what to pick.  All over the map.  Remember, I really want to win!

I already printed this 12x18 on Vibrance. It pops! And "Snail Rock" is a personal favorite.

Candyland is a favorite image from 2010. Not an HDR, this image really puts me right back in the moment!

Planks is not only extremely popular, but it's one of my all time favorite photos. Sorry to say you can't get in and photograph this scene any longer!

Every time I print the "S Curve" large it sells rather quickly. A 16x24 went out the door yesterday.

"Stained" is another favorite capture from Vulture. This one just works for me.

"Serving it up" has a lot to offer. Moki Marbles, the cool textures of White Pocket, not to mention all the drama in the sky.

There you have it.  6 images in mind.  I’d love some feedback and input.  And if I left something out (like the Grand Canyon Monsoon, or the shot from the North Rim at Saddle Mtn) feel free to suggest away.  I’ve never been a contest kind of a guy, but this one is actually important to me on several levels.  Therefore, I must pick wisely!

Finally, while I’m wowed with Breathing Color’s Vibrance Rag, I am still waiting for them to get their metallic they teased me with the other month to market…….  Just sayin’.

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  1. In my opinion Rich, I would say print the “Stained” shot from Vulture. That shot rocks and it would probably be just amazing to say the least if you printed it on Vibrance Rag! 🙂 There is your V.A.L.S feed back…LOL!

  2. I like “S Curve” and “Stained”, might I also suggest “Mail Box”. I have always liked that one.

  3. I’d go with Snail Rock, the one you printed already. There’s a ton of vibrance in the colors anyway, and I think that one would best showcase the vibrance in their paper… Best of luck to you!!

  4. I’d have to say Snail Rock; I’m guessing that a paper called Vibrance is going to knock people’s eyes out with those reds and that sky.

    Stained would be my second pick.

    I love Planks, but that’s more subtle to my eye and probably not what the contest judges are looking for.

  5. Tough sell…I am partial to a certain sub-genre within your collection, so with that in mind, my “S-Curve” inclination could be biased….

    But I do try to stay unbiased! 🙂

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