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A quickly created character by Bret Blevins

A quickly created character by Bret Blevins.  The final piece is already spoken for, one of a kind you know!

Hey all.  So I’ve been toiling away in the data dungeon this week on behalf of an artist many of you are familiar with, even if you didn’t know his name.  I’ll give you his name now……

Bret Blevins

Bret is one of those guys who creates the characters we all know and love.  Batman, yeah Bret has done that.  Wolverine you say?  Uh huh, Bret covered him plenty.  Thor, the Hulk?  Yup, got those guys covered too.  In addition to all the names we know, Bret’s worked on plenty that not everyone is familiar with.  Of course, fans know all the characters that he’s brought to life.

Just as a fun little side note, Bret was involved with “The Dark Crystal.”  Come on, tell me you saw it back in the day.  Jim Henson man!  Well, Bret did the comic, and he did an incredible painting that was used as a cover.  Got to see the original the other day!

I’ve known Bret for several years now.  And I knew he did all this amazing work.  But until I started working on bringing his first site to life I had no idea how much work he’s done.  So many covers, so many original pages.  So many stories!

Truth be told, it’s pretty cool to be working with Bret on his new site.  Several more sites will be on the way this year, but right now we’ve put a very simple site together to give fans a flavor for all that he’s done.  The site will be morphing later in the year as we add new project sites.  And we’ll still be developing this one over the next week.  The site as it is?

We’re keeping it simple.

All of his work would take weeks / months to get online.  The current site is to give fans and readers a glimpse into what Bret does.  And the blog, which he’ll be starting into this week, will let folks know when the next projects get off the ground.

I know about the upcoming projects.  I can’t say what they are, but they’re going to be so cool.  And it really sucks not to be able to tell folks what’s coming.  The best way to find out?  Go to his site, follow the blog, subscribe to the blog.  You’ll know when rubber hits the pavement!

So, enough jabbering.  Check out

Check out the video we made today while working on the site by going to this link.  It’s fun!  Oh, and for one reader out there the video and image should be extra special.  A one of a kind Blevins original, complete with it’s creation video.  Don’t say I never did anything for you!  😀


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