I’m on a budget too

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Every time I speak with a potential client, or someone who wants to know about my services we always get down to things being about price.  And so often I hear from folks that they’re on a budget.  That implies I should be flexible with pricing for them.  And unfortunately, we have to part ways because I too am on a budget, and my work has value.

Several days ago a friend asked about photo work for a friend of theirs.  I quoted the rate that we get for a shoot and my friend said, “Oh, well they’re on a budget.”  Ummm Hmmm.  Me too.

While racing around the Southwest for the past 5 months I have been on a tight budget.  I spent money after returning to the area on some new gear, and replacement equipment, but that’s it.  The rest has been park fees, electricity, gas, food, insurance, phone & Internet.  I too am on a budget and have monthly income goals that I’m currently not realizing.

Of Epi-Pens and my pricing

Today I got a physical with my local doctor in Prescott.  I had to go see him in order to renew my Epi-Pen prescription.  Unfortunately in the span of under 2 years my Epi now costs $339.00, where it used to cost $175.00.  The explanation from the pharmacy manager?  “Supply & Demand.”  As a reformed economist I have the following to say.


Thanks to recent changes in medical insurance I’m now spending $609 per month on a policy that is not as good as the one I had for $435 a month.  That’s been a financial hit to be sure.  In my case I can say for absolute certain the Affordable Care act is not affordable at all, and I really don’t think anyone cares.

With my monthly budget increasing for services I had for years, and now I am required to have, I have to think about myself and my goals.  The monthly budget for just staying at status quo with no hope of purchasing a new vehicle or a home, is going up.  I understand that’s the situation for many.  So why would I adjust my prices downward when all of my costs are going up?

My prices are where they are for a reason.  Like anyone else, I need to make a living too.  And the work that comes out of the Airstream is excellent work.  I take pride with each job I do, and with the work I offer to clients.  And let me tell you, unlike so many other services out there, my clients get consistent quality work.  There will be no further flexibility in pricing here.

Most of the potential clients I’ve met so far are on budgets as well.  And that’s left me with little earnings potential.  Averaging less than $2,000 a month in income for calendar year 2014 has been more than painful.  And it’s left me wondering if I’ve made the right decision.  With every client wanting a deal, it’s made me very concerned to say the least.



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