Calibration Day!

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Okay, I think I’ve just made up a new holiday or something.  See, my entire morning was spent calibrating!

New print heads, new inks, and not in one printer, but two!  And when you swap heads or inks guess what you have to do?


The image above shows you all you need to know.  The printer wants to be recalibrated after a major change.  6 new printheads is a major change!  Each paper gets to be recalibrated, and while doing that you might as well do the monitors as well.  Oh and new inks went into the Canon too….so recalibrate that too……..

A new client popped up this morning to drop off images for 2 new canvases.  He and his wife had stopped in over the weekend and I did some proof prints for them before we decided to go forward with the canvases.  He told me, “We brought the proofs home and compared them to what we had printed on our little Canon printer.  Night and day, the difference was amazing.”  Fortunately he was here while I was recalibrating everything, so he got to see why there’s a difference.

So, to all you printer masters out there……today is Calibration Day.  You don’t get to take the day off, instead you just have more work to do!

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  1. Forget calibration day, Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day Richard. Make sure everyone is nice to you today!!! Hopefully we can see you soon, somehow. 🙂

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