Canon is bringing the 5D Mark III to market

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As many readers know, I’m a Canon guy.  Been shooting Canon’s digital lineup since 2000 when I purchased one of their “Digital Elf” cameras for my hike on the Appalachian Trail.  That camera did a great job riding along in my pack, documenting snowy days, rainy days, and everything else mixed into the trail experience.  When Canon brought out the 10D I purchased one hoping to improve my outdoor photography.  And so my story with Canon DSLRs began.

To date I have owned the 10D, 30D, 40D, 5D Mark II, and 7D.  Over the past decade I’ve seen slight changes to the menus, buttons move from one place to another on the camera, megapixel increases, screen size increases, and other little tweaks.  My favorite improvement since my 10D has been the expansion of focus points on my 7D.  I like that a lot.

This morning as I was reading around I learned of the newest addition to the Canon family.  The 5D Mark III.  DPReview has the announcement on their site, and many other photo sites are also talking about it too.  B&H already has the placeholder on their site with a “Notify when in stock” button.

What I’ve read today sounds good.  The expanded focus system is included with the new model.  It has some bumps to the bracketing and HDR setup (interesting how everyone is on the HDR wagon).  22MP and some new features for the video crowd out there (not too exciting for me).

The big question……  Will one be finding it’s way into my ThinkTank any time soon?  The answer is no, not in the near future.  Currently I lug around my 7D, 5D Mark II, and 40D.  And I’m very very satisfied with all 3 bodies.  The Canon gear is built to last that’s for sure.  Don’t even ask how many 10’s of thousands of frames I’ve shot.

I’ll look forward to reading some hands on reviews of the Mark II.  And maybe I’ll make a savings plan for one next year.  I’ve got plenty of business expenditures already slated this year.  I can say….I wish for the expanded focus system on my Mark II all the time and my 7D has spoiled me.  Any way we could just upgrade that on my current 5D?  🙂

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