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Out of the office today

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Well, out of the downtown office that is.

A few weeks ago I started officially following what I’ve had on my advertising materials for well over a year. I’m supposed to be in the gallery/studio Tuesday through Thursday, Monday and Friday by appointment only. Over the past year I didn’t follow that schedule. Instead I was in Monday through Friday regardless. But with the new home space things have changed and I’m finally following the schedule I laid out oh so long ago.

Last Friday I was in as I had 3 appointments scheduled. Today none scheduled so I’m working from home. It’s nice not having to drive in (my drive time has doubled now), burn up the gas, and sit around waiting for a paying client to come in. When not in the official office I find I can catch up on things I need to do for my business, but never seem to find the time when on the Row. Often people pop in to chat, pick my brain, and when they leave I try to remember what it was I was doing. At the home office my time is mine. 🙂

So, what am I up to today?

  • Each Monday I’ve scheduled at least one class on Watched a new one on Saturday as well by Scott Kelby.
  • Working on my main website. I need to clear through the images I currently have up. There are a few images that get displayed on the main page as well as portfolio pages so that’ll get cleaned up today.
  • Clear through some old image libraries. Gotta clean out the stuff that should have been deleted a while ago.
  • Working up a class plan for Lightroom again. The Art Store will be re-opening this week, and I’ll be offering a few classes again this Spring. For everyone who has been asking, we’ll be doing a Lightroom class again really soon!
  • Catching up on paperwork. Some bills to pay, taxes to review, etc.
  • Clearing out the e-mail. I have so many folders for e-mails. Clients, bills, transactions, fun stuff, etc. And the inbox is stuffed. Things need to get put in their proper places!

Well, there’s today’s plan. And now I’m off to get to it. First up, Dave Ziser’s latest composition class!



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