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Yesterday I was in a hurry to get a few images up.  I haven’t gone out and done a real photo shoot for a few hours in a very long time, and it was pretty exciting.  So, of course the moment I got settled I started tearing through images that I thought would have potential while I was shooting.HDR_MG_0742_3_4

The results were satisfying.  So a few images went up.  But I had wanted to write a little about it.  Unfortunately I was exhausted and coming down with something.  Today I have a full blown “something.”  Flu, Cold, horrible virus that will land me in the middle of World War Z?  Yeah, it’s something.

I’ll survive it, although there might be a run on Kleenex in New England over the next few days.

Even feeling crummy I have to say yesterday was a lot of fun.  I was up on the Beaton Farm property which is across Manchaug Pond from my dad’s place.  It was recently preserved by the Manchaug Pond Foundation.  Some amazing open space butting up against a very pretty lake.

Overall, a super scenic location.  Combine that with the fall colors just starting, some horse pastures, lovely homes, and the Waters Farm Historic site and you have a nice afternoon for a photographer who hasn’t seen fall colors in years.


For my fellow photographers

The location is ideal for so many types of shoots.  Landscape, portrait work, weddings, families…’s a very photogenic place.  It’s also located between several private properties, people live there, and businesses run out of the area as well.  And from a few conversations I had yesterday it’s apparent to me that photographers have not been respectful of the location.

Personally, I was invited out to photograph the property by members of the foundation that has helped preserve the location.  I went up with them, and we made sure to stay clear of the private properties that the farm butts up against.  It’s the courteous thing to do at such a site.

While out photographing I met a neighbor of the property who told me about a “professional” photographer who was out the day before doing toddler photos on a field stone fence.  Ooooh, the liability possibilities there!  Additionally the photographer parked on one of the neighboring properties.  Way to make a good impression!

So, I have this recommendation to any photographer who finds this place incredibly appealing.  Contact the foundation prior to bringing clients out for a shoot to get permission.  The foundation is still working up their use and access policies.  And quite frankly, photographers have had more and more places restricted over the years.  Doing the wrong thing could give cause for restrictive access.  In other words, use common sense.  A phone call takes little time at all.

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