Photographing Arizona Volume 2 – A collection of favorite landscapes

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This afternoon I received my proof copy of Volume 2 of Photographing Arizona.  It’s a collection of my favorite landscapes that I’ve shot over the past few years.

I have to say, this one really knocked it out of the park.  I had a few typos (whoops) which I’ve corrected and re-uploaded to MagCloud.  Other than that?  The images pop!  This one is 96 pages in total.  Front to back, cool image after cool image!

The official launch of this publication was going to be November 1st.  But today while reviewing MagCloud I found that they’re having a “Fall Sale.”  $5.00 off the publication price.  So I decided I’d better announce it today and officially launch it.  Here I was waiting for the holidays, but ah well.  If you’d like this latest collection I’d suggest getting it sooner rather than later.  If it’s a present for the holidays you just have to hide it a little bit longer!



Also, just for anyone who picks it up. Like many of my prints I always tune for daylight neutral. And for IPad users out there who get the digital copy (which is free with the print copy), the images have been setup for 100% brightness because that seems to be how everyone runs their IPads (I do too).

Take advantage of the MagCloud sale while you can.  Heck, I didn’t even know about it until my random visit to the site today.


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