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Catching up on July

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Walking around the Granite Dells

Walking around the Granite Dells

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve updated this blog.  When you spend the better part of every day typing away on other websites, it’s difficult to want to write up any fun or adventurous reports.  Don’t get me wrong, being as busy as I have been over the past month and a half is great.

Of course, there aren’t many fun or adventurous reports for me to write up currently, so there’s that too.

June and July have been all about work.  And work is a very good thing.  It means bills get paid, insurance gets re-instated, and savings happens as well!  All great stuff, but pretty dull for the old blog.  Fortunately I think the Airstream will be seeing a few road miles before this month is over!  So stay tuned.

The work routine

Since our initial visit to Casa Grande, AZ., the focus has been working on a group of RV Resorts.  Sundance 1 RV, Queen Valley, McGavin’s Ranch (not an RV resort), M RV, and a few more left to finish.  On the side we’ve also finished up a new travel agency website, and helped to launch a new real estate website as well.  The best part?  We’ve been working with some very enthusiastic people who really appreciate the work we’re doing for them.

Point of Rocks has been extremely busy!  Lots of RVs

Point of Rocks has been extremely busy! Lots of RVs

Every morning I find myself reviewing websites within about 15 minutes of waking up.  Checking security updates, checking load times, and preparing to work on whatever it is I have scheduled for the day.  A few customers are on the east coast, so morning calls to them are super early morning calls from here.  3 hours time difference you know.

After the initial wakeup routine I try to get a walk or two in.  You can’t sit at a desk all day.  Especially in a 25 foot Airstream.  You’ve got to get out and get moving, even if it’s only in small bites.  A few loops around the park, then back to the Airstream.  A walk up into the Dells, then back to work.  This is the routine that’s been going on for all of July.

The weekends are always super active here in the Granite Dells

The weekends are always super active here in the Granite Dells

With the last few sites though, we can in fact work from anywhere.  That’s where the next Airstream trip comes in.  I’m thinking about moving somewhere a little cooler (Colorado maybe), and finishing out the final sites from there.  A change of scenery, and maybe breaking up the routine a little bit.

It’s not all about play and travel

There are many younger families full time RV’ing these days.  And if you read through their blogs you’ll also find the reality about the work part of full time living.  If you’re not retired, you’re earning your income from somewhere.  So while some may be exploring and playing through the National Parks, Monuments, etc, there’s always work behind the scenes.  Personally, I’m glad I have a location like Point of Rocks to return to.  Reasonable temperatures, a beautiful setting, and of course, 4G LTE so I can get my work done!

Hopefully we’ll be posting more often in the near future.  So be sure to check back in!

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