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My lenses and my new Clik Elite Pouches

Ever since I received a comment from a reader regarding Clik Elite’s gear I’ve been pretty excited.  I think their product line will someday be the answer to my needs on longer hikes where I’m carrying a lot of camera gear.

Today isn’t the day I find out about their larger packs.  No, today I received 3 of their lens pouches.  I put an order online for them the other day with REI, and they arrived last night.

My plan is pretty simple.  The Coyote Buttes trip is coming up.  I’m already aware of the terrain, the dry climate, and the lack of water where we’ll be hiking.  My interest is in carrying as much water as I can.  With that in mind I’ll be using my Osprey Pack (not a camera bag).  The lenses will be traveling inside the pack and the cheap pouches I’ve had for the last year just don’t measure up.

So, I placed an order for Clik’s Lens Pouches in order to give them a whirl.  Glad I’ve remained an REI member all these years!  That does pay off in the long run you know.  I had $39 in dividends from last year that I used toward this purchase.

Thanks REI!

I ordered 2 Medium Pouches and one large pouch.  The lenses that I like to keep with me, and know I want on the upcoming trip are my 17-40mm, 24-70mm, and 70-200mm.  The mediums are a perfect fit for the smaller lenses, and the large pouch has plenty of room for the 70-200mm with the lens hood as well.

Often, after market pouches don’t seem to handle the lens hood as well.  That’s a pain to be sure.  I will say, the medium pouch can’t handle the 24-70mm and it’s hood.  But my other two lenses and their hoods are handled just fine.  So, I’ve only got one hood to work out.  Not bad!

On first inspection, the Clik Pouches seem very sturdy.  Each comes with a webbing shoulder strap and some pretty industrial velcro straps used to affix the pouches to a larger bag.  The mediums attach perfectly to my Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home.  So, there’s another option.

I’ll be trying the pouches out over the next few weeks.  And I’ll be sure to share with you what I fully think about them.


The 17-40mm and the medium Clik Pouches

Oh, and I’m waiting to hear back from Clik Elite.  I dropped them a note regarding testing out a few of their packs to review here on the site, and possibly in a podcast.  The hope was to arrange for a trial for the Coyote Buttes trip, allowing Josh and Ken to also try out the packs in order to get several opinions on the gear.  I haven’t heard back from Clik yet, and in my experience that’s a good sign.  Normally when I reviewed products for Airstream Life Magazine it would take manufacturers a week or two to get back in touch with a yes.

So, cross your fingers….I might have several reviews on Clik Elite for you over the next few months!

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  1. Hi Rich!

    I look forward to your comments and experiences with both the lens pouches and Clik packs. My fifty pound+ photo pack with gear hiking around Shi Shi Beach was not fun—and at least ten pounds of it was the weight of the Lowepro pack. Crossing my fingers you have a great review coming….. Have a great trip!


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