It always takes more than one trip

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In the La Posada, Winslow, AZ.

Each time I find a new location that I want to photograph I find myself returning more than once.  First trip, finding out what you’re interested in.  Thinking about lighting, where you want to shoot, etc.  Second trip, really getting into what you want to shoot.

So today, like last Sunday, I found myself driving to Winslow Arizona.  And no, I didn’t get a picture of myself standing on a corner.  But I did stand on several corners to be sure!  A few photos were found there, but more photos were found at burnt out gas stations along the way.  Go figure.

Josh came along today.  We were hoping for some heavy clouds in Winslow, and access to some of the more run down buildings.  However, the clouds stayed at bay in Winslow.  They hovered closer to Flagstaff, closer to old highway stops we’d passed on the way to Winslow.  After a little over an hour shooting in town we decided to head back to some abandoned skeletons of businesses along our path.  The clouds were there, totally burned out buildings wide open to our inspection, and more that we thought we’d want to shoot.

I don’t have to much further to say tonight regarding the trip.  I’ve slightly sorted through pictures, and I’ll get into more sorting in the morning.  Then I’ll tell you about our “finds” along the way.


My attempt at a reflection photo....needs work


No gas available here any longer


The Twin Arrows Trading Post.....what's left of it.


Almost as shot. Very light detail enhancement with Topaz Detail

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  1. Very cool Rich, looks like you got some good ones… I haven’t edited anything yet, but I think I have a few keepers.

  2. Post

    Thanks! I’m liking the last one, but it’s basically “as is” with a slight detail enhancement. Looking at the others, not happy with the HDRs. Looks like I’ve got to work on some new HDR presets that make me happier.

    But the last one….I’ve got a couple in that genre that I’m going to play with the single images and slight edits.

  3. Is it rentable..or like, shoot there with out any ‘interference….It would be really cool to activate the lifts in the garage and do a shoot in there….just a thought…for a few bucks to the guy who is trying to sell it…..before it disappears….I hate it when landmarks or pieces of history disappear….

  4. You’ve got a nice touch with the Topaz plugin there Rich – just learning about the Topaz suite myself – very cool creative set! 🙂

  5. Post

    Jay….not rentable to my knowledge. The place seems totally abandoned. Not sure if we were supposed to be there or not. But we’ve shot around many abandoned places before.

    Jason, the last photo was Topaz. The others were HDR. But the last photo is my favorite result. Remember, I always quickly post a few things I like with an initial pass on the blog. Final images always come later, and rarely hit the blog. That’s because I always seem to be doing something else as well. 🙂

    Topaz works well. I’ve got to compile a list of edits with Adjust, Clean, Detail, etc….

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