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One and one half hours of driving one way.

Time in the Versa.

Rolling through downtown Sedona.

Pulling up to the entrance of West Fork to find out they’re closed…….!

That was yesterday’s big adventure.  Sadira and I had decided to take a ride up to Sedona and take a “Fall Walk” into West Fork.  Too bad we didn’t know that West Fork was completely closed for trail maintenance.

Sadira has told me for a while that Arizona’s Fall colors are amazing.  Now, being from New England I think I know fall colors.  And I look around myself here in Prescott and I don’t see a whole heap of trees that will go through the change.  But in Sedona I could believe it…..

As we started into the Sedona area you could see splashes of color (beyond the red rocks and blue skies) and I was pretty excited by the prospect of hiking West Fork again.  I’d blown a few photos there on my last hike due to a specific equipment failure……my brain.

When you hike into the woods under tree cover with dappled light and you bring your tripod, use it!  Don’t be like me.  Don’t stop for that shot and then say, “I’m sure this one will work out hand held….I’ve got enough light.”  Yeah right, enough light.  So many potential shots right out the window.  Worst part….the tripod was with me the whole way!

Yesterday would have been the day to correct the mistakes of the last hike.  But as we pulled into the West Fork parking lot we were greeted by a gate.  Our first response was to park road side.  Unfortunately there were tons of No Parking signs.  Second issue?  The gate signs clearly stated that the trail itself was also closed.

As quickly as we arrived we packed it in and headed back to town.  No sense risking tickets, violating the park, etc.  We’ll return again sometime soon.  Maybe when a little snow sets in on the red rocks!

On our way back we finally had an opportunity to photograph a bridge that’s been on my mind since the day I first saw it.  Very cool canyon, interesting water flow way below, and a parking lot that’s always full.  Well, normally it’s full.  Yesterday we caught a break and had the time to take a few shots!  Hooray!

Once we packed the cameras away we headed into town.  A stop at the “World of Jerky”, Rollies Camera, and the “Life is Good” store.  After that, New Frontiers where I stocked up on a favorite brand of baked tofu.  Our local store carries all flavors except the one that works for me.  The other flavors all have stuff in them I cannot eat without an allergic incident.  Go figure….

Finally we returned to Prescott and headed down to the gallery for a little while.  A little framing, a little talk with customers, and visiting with Ian as well.  Thursday will be my big printing day again.  Maybe I’ll even post a real review of the HP.  We’ll see…..

Oh, one final random note.  Yesterday I received a super cool early birthday present.  Thanks Sadira!  My new waterproof Lowe Pro camera pack is just too cool!  And yes….today is my birthday.  29 years old (again)!

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  1. HAPPPPY BIRRRRTHDAY Richard!!!! Sadie sent me.

    Sorry the trail was closed. That has happened to us before and its a bummer to have to rethink what to do.


  2. Happy Birthday!!

    I’m so pleased you liked your new backpack…I was happy to hear that Lowe Pro had finally made a pack that can hold both the camera and tripod and all the extra gear AND personal hydration. I’m just happy that I remembered this fact when it came for me to look for a great gift for you 🙂

    I am also so disappointed that the trail was being remodeled…The places we did stop made me feel so excited to be out in the colors of fall again. The fall smell combined with the sound of the water there is so amazing. It’s been so many years since I was able to be in Sedona this time of year, and I have been wanting to go…thank you for finally making that a reality. You know? Until we can get back to where the “real” color is 😉

  3. Happy birthday, Rich!!!!

    You share a birthday with a dear friend of mine. Now there’s two special people born on this day!

    Go our and make it a good 29!

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    Thanks for the birthday wishes all! Wow, you go take a shower and come back 15 minutes later to find a bunch of comments on the blog……

    I’m going back to the shower to see if it happens again!

  5. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happppyyyyy Bbbbiiirrrthdayyyyy dear Riiiiii-iiiiiicchhhhh! Happy Birthday to you!

    (That’s as close as I get to singing. 😉 Although, as I was typing it, I was singing it in my best Marilyn Monroe voice….)

  6. Happy Birthday Rich!
    I’m going to be in Phoenix for Christmas and New Years and I’m looking forward to visiting the gallery. Will you be around that week? Happy Happy Birthday.

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