Closing out 2013

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This morning I received an e-mail from Worpdress that summarized my year in blogging.  Spending most of the year in OH / WV I didn’t blog all that much.  Only 82 new posts.  The quietest year ever here on the Chronicles.

Even with limited posting folks were still reading the site.  Weird but true.  There’s a ton of content going all the way back to 2008, and people find the site for many reasons.

The most read posts this year were:

Even though I was away, you can see that the old stuff had folks popping by for a read.  I think the most surprising and disappointing post is “The formula wedding e-mail.”  That post got so much attention because photographers across the country have been targeted for a scam, and many find their way to this blog and steer clear of the scam.  So, glad I posted about it, and sad to see over a year later the scam is still going on.


It was great to see New England again, hadn’t been back since 2007

Overall the report was pretty interesting.  Readers from 104 countries in total.  The biggest pool being from the US, Canada, & the UK.  And since I’ve actually started blogging again the daily stats are increasing to levels not seen since 08 & 09.

Beyond the blog, what about 2013?  It was a decent year.

  • Recovered from the business failure
  • Created a rocking mobile database for a large company
  • Made a few new friends along the way
  • Got to see family in New England for the first time in many years.  Hopefully I’ll see more of them in 14′
  • Returned to the desert states that I like so much

Cloudy morning on Manchaug Pond

What’s in store for 2014

That’s a really good question.  I think we’ll take a wait and see approach on that one.  I have several ideas in the works, I’m putting the finishing touches on an installer for a new database for RV parks, and I’m talking with a potential client about a very large commercial project.

All irons in the fire.  So we’ve got some ideas in mind for 2014.  But yeah, wait and see.


Saw my first tug boat and river barges ever while traveling West

Hoping for a Happy New Year for all of you

For everyone that pops by and reads my ramblings, hope you’ve enjoyed what you found here.  And I sincerely hope that you have a really good New Year.


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