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Every day has ups and downs

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Yesterday I had a really fun portrait session with a local family.  Great attitudes, easy to work with, and nobody looked like they were freezing to death, even though it was chilly and there were strong winds in the Granite Dells.

The appointment was booked over a month ago, prior to even getting into Prescott.  And I had asked, “Did you pop by the gallery and see my work?  How did you find me?”

The answer I received was a nice and welcome one.  Turns out Dawn is a former professional wedding photographer.  She and her family have only been in Prescott a few years now, and she did what most people do today.  She searched the web, found local photography websites, and selected based on the portfolios she liked.  I was her first call, and that made me feel pretty good given all of the photographers in the area.

So yes, it was a good day and a good shoot.  And I walked away feeling great about the day.  I felt so good about the day I decided to treat myself to a soy pizza.  Remember, I’ve still got some food allergies, so the soy pizza is as close as I can get to a real pizza.

Unfortunately something went terribly wrong with the pizza.  I should have stayed and watched the kids making it.  2 out of 3 of them were new to the business.  And something wrong got on my pizza.

Anaphylactic shock is no fun.  Seriously, it’s a downer.  And in under 15 minutes time I went from having a fantastic day to deciding whether or not it was time to go to the hospital.

This morning I’m feeling much better.  Still really exhausted from the reaction to the food.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve had such a response that I think it’s partly my own fault.  See, I’ve been pretty “slack” when it comes to watching people who prepare food for me in restaurants.  Given that most of my allergies have abated since the long term infection was addressed I have been less than vigilant.  And last night I paid for it.

Today I’ll be sticking near the Airstream.  No running around or anything.  It always takes a day or two to really feel right after an extreme allergic reaction.  Guess it’ll be a movie day or something.

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