It’s not just me! Thank you Strobist!

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Today I’ve been racking my brain over a quote I’m making for a client.  It’s a large commercial job, and I’ve been looking through FotoQuote heavily.  I’ve used the program for years and it’s really helped me handle the thought process when quoting commercial work.

For grins I decided to head out into the world of the web to see who else is using FotoQuote, and to see if they feel it helps them with their licensing.  While doing my web searching I stumbled across a post over on Strobist that mentioned FotoQuote so I went in for a read.  And oh, it made me so giddy to see what was said there.

I’m not going to re-write what was written over there.  You just have to give it a read.  It’s all about folks trying to get free use of your images in a for profit venture.  The stuff I’ve written about lately.  I’m just so happy to know that I’m not the only one……

Without further blathering from me…….

The Strobist Post about the National Association of Realtors trying to get free work out of a photographer.

Now, I have to say that I was chuckling a lot reading David’s post.  I especially loved his numbered mental response to the letter he received regarding the use of his image.  The turning point, number 11 got me laughing, oh laughing.  You see, in my time shooting for a living I had so many realtors who wanted free work in exchange for exposure.  The call that I got back on November 1st?  Yeah, from a realtor group advertising to get people to move into high end homes in Prescott.

Maybe it’s a realtor thing?  Then again, maybe not.  I’ve had just about every profession out there ask for free work from me since 2008.

In the end, my research on a commercial job I’m setting up led me to find that I’m not the only one.  And that goes a long way to making me feel just ducky today!  🙂

And other thoughts today?

I don’t have too many other thoughts today.  Just working on a Saturday afternoon from the Airstream.  Putting a bid together, testing out the installer for my first official database that will be going up for sale soon, and playing Stargate SG1 in the background.

I did stumble across a very old library of photos the other day.  Photos I thought I had lost prior to using Lightroom.  Ah, to see my old shooting style.  And to see my house back in New Hampshire.  Nostalgia big time!


My girls… Dana & Madison. What I would give to hug them once more, or to play tug of war with Dana and her rope toy.


Before the Airstream there was the Eurovan. Or as I fondly called it, the “ZeroVan.”

Cow Moose, Moose Alley NH

I do miss photographing Moose.

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