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D-Town: A Canon user’s jealousy!

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Readers know I’m a big fan of Scott Kelby’s site, and basically everyone involved with Kelby Training.  They do good work.  Heck, I’ve read Kelby’s Lightroom2 Book, The 7 Point System, The Digital Photography Books Volume I & II, the Photoshop CS4 Book, Layers, and more.  Those are the ones off the top of my head….there’s more I’m sure!

Well, Mr. Kelby is at it again with more great training.  The new D-Town TV is up and running.  I just finished watching the first two episodes and the “extra” on HDR.  And, how do I feel about the new weekly shows?

Jealous!  Green eyed monster for sure!

Why am I jealous you ask?  Simple, I want a similar podcast for Canon.  I mean, these guys covered a lot of interesting stuff in a few episodes.  They’re really doing a great deal for Nikon, and I’m sure the folks at Nikon are tickled pink!  So, where’s the equivalent out there for Canon?

Remember, the other week I declared that I’m standing by Canon.  I do love my cameras, lenses, and everything that goes with them.  I know a lot of quick tricks on my cameras, but I bet there’s more to learn.  Having a resource like D-Town would be great.

So, to the Canon users out there, know of any cool tutorial sites on the same level as D-Town?  If you do, pass the links along!!!

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  1. Wow! Thanks for that link, Rich. As a Nikon user just getting accustomed to a new DSLR (D700) these videos are a wonderful resource. My young assistant who uses a D60 can adapt the info too.
    Thanks again!

  2. Post

    Neal, no problem! Be sure to stop by as well. Great stuff there always….

    And yes, you’re making me jealous! Gotta find a similar Canon resource. Still, I’ll be watching D-Town each week, even if I don’t own a Nikon!

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