Dear Santa…….This photographer’s wish list.

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Do you remember the last time you dropped Santa a note?  I realized today that it’s been more than 30 years since I penned anything to the North Pole, and that’s just a darned shame!  So, I’ll remedy that today.

Dear Santa,

Since I’m writing you today, you should know, this is my “big” wish list.  I’ve been out of contact with you for quite a while now, and currently don’t have a chimney for you to pop down.  Thinking about it, I haven’t lived anywhere with an open fireplace since I was a pre-teen.  Maybe that’s why we lost touch.  Well, I’m back in contact now.  Not sure how you’ll deliver, but here are the goodies I’d love to see.  Drop them off under the tree at the gallery, okay?

  • HyperDrive COLORSPACE UDMA (120GB version):  Ever since I read a review about Epson’s portable card reader / image display I’ve wanted such a device.  Glad to say I stumbled across Hyperdrive’s version earlier in the year.  It’s less expensive than the Epson device, but sure seems to do the job.  Hey, saving money and still getting a slick photo accessory!  It’s all good!  The 120GB should be fine, and I don’t think I’ll need a larger one.  I’m usually able to get back to the Airstream after a trip with under 32GBs of images (a long trip).
  • The Zoom H4 Recorder:  Okay, this really isn’t super related to photography, but I think the Zoom H4 would be great for future podcasts here and at the Photographing Arizona Website as well.  I recently watched a video over at Kelby Training on video production with a DSLR and it gave me too many ideas, including the H4.
  • 2 32GB Sandisk UDMA Cards:  Ever since I started shooting with the 5D Mark II I’ve found that 8GB cards are rather small.  When you consider that I enjoy doing HDR images, and I’ll stack at least 3 together for 1 image, you’ll realize that 8GB cards are very small.  I think 2 32GB cards will do just fine!
  • Canon 7D:  Currently my backup camera is a 40D.  It’s done a great job, but the 5D Mark II has spoiled me.  After shooting high ISO multiple times with the fire dancers I’ve learned that higher ISO shooting can be achieved with the right gear.  Once I brought the 40D and realized I just couldn’t use it for the fire dancer shoots at all.  Now that I’ve heard most of the major kinks have been worked out with the 7D I’d like to have that as my backup camera.  Of course, if another 5D II were found in the Christmas stocking, I wouldn’t complain.  🙂
  • Canon 16-35mm f/2.8:  I’ve got the 17-40mm, so this one isn’t a huge priority.  But hey, since I’m dropping a note to Santa I might as well include all wishes, right?  2.8 on a wide angle sounds really cool!
  • A new Macbook Pro 17″:  Let’s face it, the Airstream laptop is almost 4 years old.  Processing images from the 5D II and the new 7D I’ll be getting can be a little slow on the laptop.

I’m sure there’s more that I can think of, but these items sprung to mind.  And since I haven’t dropped a line in 30 years, I guess we’ve got a back log of “gift points,” right?  🙂

In all seriousness…..

Well, that’s the list I’d ask for today.  Who knows, maybe Santa follows this blog and he digs HDR.  If so, I might get a surprise!

What I’d really like is simple.  A successful 2010 for my business, a growing client base, and a sound economic environment to operate in.  I’d like to do more than just survive, as I’m sure most folks reading this do as well.  And if I can continue to grow, maybe I can answer my own gift list in time!  It’s pretty cool when you can provide for yourself rather than depending on others.

So, let’s all wish for a great 2010!  I hope everyone reading this has their Christmas wishes come true!

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  1. Cool stuff here Rich – I’d take a 7D myself! Those UDMA cards are looking mighty interesting too – although the thought of taking 32 GB of photos in one fell swoop seems unthinkable with my little 40D! 🙂 How many (roughly) images will one 8GB card take on your 5D versus the 40D?

    Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year my friend

  2. Post

    You can actually get a 64GB card now too! Zowie!

    If you’ve got the 120 drive to offload the 32 GB cards you’ll be all set. Still, I’d trust them.

    On my 5D Mark II I get about 270 shots per 8GB card. Doing HDR, on average 3 exposures per, you’re talking about 90 actual images. 🙂 So yeah, want the 32 gig cards to be sure.

  3. Aww I could have totally picked up a few of those 64GB UMDA cards for you when I was in Japan! Plus, Santa would have probably charged you shipping… 😀

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