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Did anyone get the license plate of that truck???

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Yesterday afternoon I felt like I’d been run over. Seriously, run over and left in a ditch. Wow, I was sick!

There’s been a stomach bug going around the Prescott area. Last week Ian, Jantina, and their kids had it. I pretty much dodged it and thought nothing further about it. Then yesterday it hit me. The tummy bug truck……

Throughout the day I napped, drank water, barely ate (didn’t want to) and found that I had cramps from head to toe. My first thought was a flare recurring…..but that thought passed and I realized, “Hey, this is ‘normal’ people sick.” It was nice to realize it wasn’t an eosinophillic flare, but just your standard feeling crummy.

Today I’m rehydrating, and I’m considering food. Not much food. But something. I’m hungry now and the concept of eating seems like a good one.

I’ll be back to normal in another day. Talked to Jantina quickly this morning and she said it takes two days. Guess the worst is behind me. The worst being me awake from 12a.m. to almost 4 a.m. this morning. Hey, I watched a couple of movies and survived.

Watch out for this stomach bug!!! It’s a doozie!

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  1. Yeah…um, thanks for that…I think I just turned a corner into worst-ville…ick. I wish I could crawl somewhere and sleep it off…

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