The Prescott Blue Grass Festival

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bgsticker-1Ah yes, that time of year once more.  The courthouse square is green, green, green….and it welcomes visitors from all over for what I find to be the most enjoyable event.  The Blue Grass Festival!

Each year Blue Grass groups and loyal fans descend on Prescott for a fun weekend of pickin, pluckin, and sawin……  It’s a fun event, and a surprise to me.  I’m a digital guy, never been a Blue Grass fan….but after the 2007 festival I found that I am a blue grass fan!  🙂

In addition to the groups playing on the stage setup on Gurley Street there are also performers all around the square.  The “pickup” groups.  People drifting into and out of circles playing blue grass.  It’s fun to watch the ebb and flow of players.  One circle of players for 40 minutes, then on to another circle.  And the folks just pick right up mid tune at times.  How do they do that?

If you can’t tell, the pickup groups really interest me.  No rehersal together, sometimes players have never met before….yet they can meet up and start playing together like they’ve always been doing that.  It’s something to see.

We’ve got one more day of the festival, and who knows, I might pop down again.  Yesterday was a work day.  I’d go shoot for a while then return to the gallery.  Ian was in as well.  He took some time off as well, and it made for a good Saturday.  Today is a day off, so we’ll see what happens.  🙂

In the meantime, here’s a few more photos for you to enjoy!





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