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A day at the Airstream?  A full day of rest?

Not likely.  I’ve got several errands today, but overall the day will be spent at the Airstream cleaning and then resting.  Fortunately, living in a small space means cleaning goes quickly.  I just finished vacuuming with the Dyson, next comes wiping everything down.  Dust happens here in Arizona in case you didn’t know.

Coming off a sugar high

Yesterday I stopped by New Frontiers.  Pop chips, boca burgers…… the usual.  And while poking around I found a new product.  An important product.  Something that left me wide awake last night.

Vegan Cookie Dough!  Chocoholic Chunk Cookie Dough to be exact.

I might have had a little last night.  And then the sugar high came on.  Okay, I indulged big time.  Remember, until this past Spring I hadn’t had chocolate since 2005.  And I still haven’t had much as it’s hard to find chocolate products without milk.  Since I’m allergic to milk, chocolate doesn’t happen here often.  Well, I didn’t get to sleep right away last night due to too much sugar, but hey, a good reason to watch a movie!

Well, that’s gonna change………..

The company, Eat Pastry, has answered my secret request.  Somebody make some junk food that I can have.  I mean, chip manufacturers put milk in BBQ chips, so I can’t have those.  So many things have milk that you wouldn’t think have milk.  But finally, a cookie dough (you’d expect milk and eggs) that is “Rich Safe?”  Yes!

Watch the blog for upcoming posts from friends where they describe my sugar comas.  If I die from a sugar overdose it’s okay.   This stuff is sooooooo good!

To the creators of Eat Pastry…..thanks!  I’ve totally missed these types of treats.  Glad somebody out there saw a need and filled it.  I know, for some this is a lifestyle choice.  In my case, driven by an allergy.  But it sure is nice to have something I never thought I’d have again!

Watch that waist……

So, when I have written personal stuff here lately food has been a subject.  Yup, it should be.  Years of not being able to eat like a “normal person” and now being allowed almost everything again is pretty amazing.  I really believed I would never have chocolate again.  Turkey, chicken, etc……  Oh yes, I will have turkey for Thanksgiving this year.  Haven’t done that since 04′.

No worries though folks.  I’m not going to blow up and become the “biggest” photographer out there.  I’m paying attention to all those new fun treats, and I’ll watch the input.  Now, if I could have real pizza again we’d have cause to worry…..   🙂

Errands over, the blog resumes

What you didn’t know was that I stepped away from this post for a few hours.  Errands have been completed.  Laundry is done, folded, and hung.  The Airstream is a cleaner happier place.  Now, what to do?  How about some rest.  Maybe a walk in the Dells, maybe a few photos.  A nap?  Sure, a nap sounds great.

So, now you know that in between all of the busy work, I’m doing pretty good.  Being busy is great, and having a restful rest of the day is a wonderful reward!

With that said, I’m signing off……

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  1. Glad you enjoyed a rest, Rich. You shouldn’t have confessed about the cookie dough though, because now I am going to drag you up Thumb Butte, the steep way. Oh yea, and regarding that pizza. . . I’m not allergic, but I can make a killer wheat- and dairy-free pizza. Next stop, Granite mountain.

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