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Oh no, he’s going to vent!  If you’d like, just skip this post.  See, sometimes I use this blog for “therapy.”

So, this morning I stopped by my physician’s office.  I’m having the “multi-rootcanaled” tooth removed on Thursday.  But while we wait I still feel awful.  Abdominal pains back, kidneys hurt (yes, I can feel them), and a host of other issues including some whopper dizzy spells and hot flashes.  It all reminds me of 2005 when this garbage started.

Yesterday I got some blood work done and followed up today with the doctor.  My blood counts are back to completely inhuman.  I haven’t had results like this since the Spring of 2005.  Only a few months ago I received my first “normal” blood score in 5 years and I was thrilled.  It was right after several rounds of Cipro and the re-root canal.  That was exciting.

Now here we are today.  Screwed up blood work once again!  And this time around the Cipro isn’t doing jack.  14 days of Cipro, and no real positive motion.  We’ve switched to a new antibiotic, and I’ll start on that tonight.  Don’t ask me the name, I haven’t got a clue.  🙂

Thursday we’ll remove the offending tooth.  This should be it.  And if we can get the infection under control and wiped out I might just feel like a normal human being again.  Heck, my diet might go back to all the fun food I can’t eat now and sorely miss.  That would be great.

So, why do I call this a venting post?  Where’s the rage and anger?  Here it is in a nutshell……..

5 years ago I asked 5 different doctors if my issues could be stemming from the tooth and the initial root canal.  I asked 3 different oral surgeons the same question.  Across the board I was told it wasn’t possible.  My abdominal issues, the high white count and eosinophils, exhaustion, nausea, inflamed intestines, allergic reactions, and the rest of the annoying medical issues I’ve dealt with for the past 5 years were things I have learned to live with.  Not happily, more like begrudgingly…..

Only a few months ago I found out all these experts were wrong.  The cipro and redoing the root canal gave me a few months of relief.  You wouldn’t believe my energy level for that short period.  It was amazing, and I felt like I was back!  This little back slide has demonstrated beyond any doubt…..the tooth was the issue the whole time.

How different would my life be right now had one of the folks back in New England listened to me?  Instead of treating a patient like a customer at a McDonalds, really listened to me and investigated where I felt the issue started?  What would be different?  Marital breakdown averted in that world?  Would I still live in NH?  Maybe still in the wireless engineering game?  In a paid for home (we didn’t over leverage, we did all the right things).  The bitter part that pops to mind says, “Where’s my bailout?”

And I know, I know……  Look what I’ve gained.  And what I’ve learned.  And where I’ve landed.  I know all that stuff guys.  But still, 5 years of feeling crappy and questioning yourself takes a toll.  I’m just looking forward to the final resolution at this point.  And yup, when you’re feeling bad you sometimes look at the losses you’ve incurred because of it.

In the end, cross your fingers we can actually kill the infection.  It’s a bitch to be sure.  It survived months of amox and penicillian back in New England, nearly a month of Cipro last year, and 14 days of Cipro which just ended today.  Unwelcome guest (the infection) be gone already!

Alright, thanks for indulging my venting.  If nothing else, I feel better about getting that out of my head!  🙂

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  1. Rich, I just sent you an email. Hang in there, pal. It WILL get better SOON!

  2. As I current victim of New England medical (mal)practice, I can certainly sympathize with your rant. We’re outta here at the first opportunity.

    Hoping all goes well with the current attempts to correct the problem.

  3. You have every right to be pissed and rant all you like. IT should have been delt with. The infection probably would have killed others (un-checked like that) but not YOU : – )…I am looking forward to hearing the good news of a successful removal,the infection slaughtered and I hope your life gets back to how YOU like it with all the foods you have missed!!! You deserve the best Rich! You have done AMAZING things, especially in the horrid spots of life.
    Love ya!!! ttys

  4. This is why doctors are always referred to as “practicing” medicine. I would feel the same way…actually I do. Several years ago I went to a urologist who kept me waiting in his office while he finished teaching his class. I basically tore him a new one when he got there. “Post Doc degree means nothing to me, my dad is a PhD, mom is an M.A, sister is a PhD, brother-in law, PhD, brother M.A., sister in law, M.A., me – M.A. all that means is you completed school. Congrats! now you need to learn who you want to serve, the public or the students. Regardless of your choice, you need to pick one because you can’t have two masters – it’s got to either be the students or the clients.”

    He wasn’t happy, but really had no answer. You gotta talk to these people like regular humans because that’s all they are, regardless of their God complexes. Which reminds me of a joke:

    A Dr. dies and goes to heaven…St. Pete meets him and points to a chair saying it’s not time yet. meanwhile all these people keep walking up past him and get a nod from Pete.

    He bites his tongue for a while when finally a little old man with a stethoscope comes by, gets a nod and walks in. That tears it – he goes up to Pete and demands to know what’s going on. he’s a great man who’s saved thousands of lives, and all these people go in before him, but that little old doctor. How dare he.

    Pete replies “Little doctor? Nononononono, that’s God, sometimes he just plays doctor…”
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..More pano testing… =-.

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