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  1. The spaciousness in that first one gives a real sense of depth – love it. The HDR work in the second is an interesting blend. The window scenes are a little bigger than others so their tones in the tone mapping might be better served a little more dialed in, but that’s just my tastes…

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    Both need work, and I really had to push to get them to where they are. “Somebody” (I don’t know who) underexposed too much to get the windows….. These really should have been 9 exposures to cover all I wanted to. Next time, next time……

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    0 crashes with Adjust v4 so far David. But never fear…you’re not alone. I’ve read several other folks blogs that have had crashes with it. Guess I’m the lucky one so far! 🙂

  4. I especially like “The Third Window”, I would call it : ), like the depth as well …Very nice!

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