Farewell Scooter

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2 and a half years ago I picked up a cute little Nissan Versa.  I fondly refer to it as “the scooter.”  Great gas mileage for a non-hybrid, that’s for sure.

When I’d picked up the scooter things were a little different.  I wasn’t working for myself, I found myself heading into Phoenix often (mileage), and the truck didn’t seem sensible for what I was doing.  So, the Versa was purchased.

Jump ahead to today and I find myself in a totally different situation.  Struggling small business, no regular long mileage trips, etc.  The scooter had to go.  See, gotta keep the truck on hand for when I do want to roll the Airstream somewhere else.  I’ve been shopping the Versa around, and an old friend in FL expressed interest.

Next time you see me on the road it will be behind the wheel of the Titan once more.  I’m also thinking about cycling into the office more often just for some gas money savings.  You know, downtown isn’t that far away…….  🙂

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