A final print decision has been made…..

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Yes, it’s been a painstaking decision.  And to everyone who weighed in….Thanks!  🙂

It came down to 3 prints for me.  In the end I ran all three on Breathing Color’s new Vibrance Rag.  I had to see them in print, and on this new paper.  And I loved all 3 to be honest!

That’s right, in the end it all came down to White Pocket.  I know, I know……but the place is incredible, dramatic, and if photographed at the right time of day it’s stunning.  All about time of day, and unlike standard landscape photography this is not just a dawn and dusk kind of a place.

So, which one got selected for the Breathing Color contest?  Well, I’m not going to tell you that.  🙂  Here’s a way you can find out.  The other two are still in the gallery.  Each is a 12×18″ print on the new rag.  And each looks fantastic!  The selection has been boxed and shipped via Fed Ex.  A few nice extra touches were added, but Ida won’t tell you what you want to know.  She’s the one who boxed up the selection, and being part of Prescott’s Art Mafia she’s not saying nutin’.  🙂

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