Not finished, but work in progress

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Photo restorations can go quick, or they can take a long time.  Honestly it depends on the condition you get the image in.  For instance, take a look at this poor photo……

This photo has been around for some number of years.  And unfortunately it has had a rough time.  Recently the frame got dropped, the glass shattered, and as it turned out the print and glass merged into one new entity.  When the owner started removing the broken glass things got torn.  And as you can see, under the glass has some really funky stuff going on.

I’ve been playing with this one for a little bit this morning, and I’ll show you the progress……

Work still needs to be done on the bride’s face.  Some of the glass line is still obvious.  And due to the years of weathering I need to work a little more on her chin line.  But it is coming along!

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