Moving toward a streamlined system? Well, we’ll see.

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As the move from the Firehouse Plaza to Whiskey Row gets closer I’ve been thinking about how my operating model is going to change.  Going forward I’ll be focusing on:

  • Adding more Lightroom, HDR, and other classes / workshops.  Looking for more workshop locations as well.
  • Scheduled time with print clients.  That’s for both photographers and painters.  It’s going to be nice to not be interrupted with gallery business while working with my clients.
  • Getting in more shooting time for myself.
  • Adding portrait clients on a regular basis.  Looking to offer something very different from the standard fare here in Northern Arizona.
  • Actively marketing my retouching services.

While pondering my next steps yesterday I remembered coming across a plugin for WordPress called Appointy.  It’s a scheduling package that allows clients to see my open times and create appointments with me.  They can also prepay for services as well.  Pretty slick.  I spent several hours setting up the calendar / scheduling program yesterday, and thought I’d let you take a look as well.

Schedule an appointment by clicking here.

Pop on over to the new scheduling page and check it out.  I’m still working on getting everything into it, but I think you’ll agree it’s pretty slick.

Oh, and to use the new scheduling system you either sign up with Appointy for an account, or you can use your current Facebook account!  Now that is pretty slick indeed!

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