Guest Blogging? Yeah, I do that.

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This morning I fired off a post that you just won’t see here.  See, I was invited to write a guest blog last week and I quickly said yes.

My favorite vendor, Breathing Color, has a new blog site you know.  And it’s just ramping up!  As part of the ramp up I was invited to type a little something up on Printing for HDR.  Really it’s about making HDRs for print.  But you’ll have to wait to read it over on Breathing Color’s site, because I’m not going to give it all away in this post (I’m tired of typing frankly).

Check by their site.  Hopefully, provided they don’t hate the post, it will be up sooner rather than later.

Oh, and just to let you know……they are my favorite vendor.  I don’t get any perks for saying that.  I just continue to get great products from them consistently.  And they’re always really quick on the turn around for my orders.  I’m always very happy to explain to my print clients why I use certain products, and I’m probably one of Breathing Color’s biggest fans.  My canvases look fantastic every time.  Consistency in this business is key!

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