A snow covered Airstream, Feb 1st 2016

February is already here?

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I can’t believe it!  Only one post last month…..  And here we are in February already.

January was for the most part really cold!  We did have a reprieve though.  For almost a week we were in Casa Grande, AZ.  We went down to Sundance RV Resort to do a little extra work for our clients.  Unlike our first visit to Casa Grande, the temperatures were nice this time.  115 degrees in May / June.  High 60’s and low 70’s for this visit.  What a difference.

The entire month of January was spent on work.  Learning new processes, working with current clients, and talking to a few potential client candidates.  Why did the month get away from me here at the Airstream Chronicles?  Simple.  I was writing so many posts for other people and for my other sites that this one got lost in the shuffle.  I promise we’ll at least do a weekly update from here going forward.

Growing the business

A snow covered Airstream, Feb 1st 2016If you don’t know what it is we do from the Airstream, here’s the quick explanation.  We build online solutions for businesses in the RV Industry.  RV Parks, Resorts, RV Service providers….  We also do the same for individuals and companies doing work in the arts.  A strange combination of specializations to be sure, but it really works for us.

While last year was an improvement, our revenues still aren’t quite where we want them.  In order to get the Airstream on the road you’ve got to be able to afford to take trips.  The first half of 2015 worked really well, we were busy, and we were traveling.  And that showed here on the blog.  The second half of 2015 slowed way down.  We were kind of “stuck” in Prescott to be honest.  Without a consistent pay check we had to play the budgeting game.

Fortunately the start of 2016 looks very bright.  4 potential new clients are in talks with us right now.  That’s not bad.  Hopefully our “February” client will make their decision soon so we can begin planning their online strategy.  And beyond the folks I’m currently talking to, we’ve got one more item in the queue.

A little training for Rich

Every client we’ve worked with has been extremely happy.  The website work, SEO, and social media work pay off in a big way for our customers.  Many have seen massive growth in their reservations and customer base.  And that’s awesome.  But we have a weakness, as all businesses do.  Finding new clients.

There’s a huge pool of businesses in the RV industry that desperately need us.  Their online presence is terrible.  They’re not reaching new customers.  And they’re wasting money on outdated communiation methods.  The problem is, we’re having a hard time getting them to sit down with us and see how we can not only save them thousands of dollars per year, but how we can drive more traffic to them, increasing their incomes!  Why am I having such a tough time on outreach?

Well, that’s what I’m finding out over the next few months.  I’ve signed up with UGurus.com, and I’m “back to school.”  As a matter of fact, I’ve got a video conference in a few hours.

What’s all this mean for the Airstream Chronicles?

Pretty simple.  New clients in new locations = travel.  And travel means this site gets updated more often.  I think I’ve written just about everything you’d ever want to know about the Prescott area.  With that in mind, new material comes from travel.  So, cross your fingers that 2016 becomes a travel filled year for us here!

Oh, and by the way…..totally snowing outside again!  I did a full article on over wintering in your RV at Living In Tin.


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