Flowers in the Dells

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flowersinthedells-1Ah yes, I got out into the Dells and took a few photos today.  And I took the photos with the 5D.

What you’re seeing here today was shot with the 5D and my new 17-40mm Canon lens.  One shot was take with my 70-200mm as well.  But as most readers know I’ve got a thing for wide angle lenses.  Just can’t help myself!

Only the photo of Watson Lake is an HDR.  The rest of the photos were shot with the 5D in aperture priority mode, running like an 11 I believe.  I’ve cropped each shot as well due to size of the frame…..

Guess I will have to start getting used to “full frame”!  The files are huge too, and my poor 3 year old Macbook Pro cries a little while processing the files……

Guess today was the day of the flowers for me……  🙂  Clearly, Spring is hear and there is cause for my allergies.  I’m sure the cactus flowers have nothing to do with it!


Ah, you can see the pollen!


Nice day on Watson Lake too!


Just ready to bloom!

Well, there you are.  A “photo fix” from the Granite Dells.  And keeping with the theme from Jeff Revell’s post about shooting in your own backyard!

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  1. Post

    No new Macs any time soon. This Mac is still cranking along, and it will keep working for me until it gives up.

    Don’t forget, a new IMac is at the gallery right now. That Mac will do the heavy lifting on the big files. 🙂

  2. Pretty pretty flowers…then again, Red IS my most favorite color! The Dells look mighty blue and beautiful…and full of lizards.

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