Fourth of July Fireworks at Pioneer Park, Prescott, 2009

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Notes from Rich, Photography, Prescott 4 Comments

Last night I walked out to a set of rocks along Willow Lake to watch the fireworks.  Mosquitoes (not like those back in NH) were biting, but I survived.  No mountain lions showed up.  Just the rocks, the lake, and a really good fireworks show.  Check out the gallery for yourself…….


Hope you had a great 4th!

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    Thanks guys!

    Steve, I did use a tripod. Setup at Willow Lake and got chewed up by the mosquitoes for my trouble. 🙂

    Shot it at F11, ISO 400, and with a cable release. Usually counted out 2 to 4 seconds per shot, but occasionally cut them short. Shot with my 70-200mm L series at 200mm.

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