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From the sickbed in the Airstream

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Ah yes, one of these nasty bugs that’s been floating around caught up with me again.  Two in one season.  Ugh!  At least I’ve been pretty well for the past month!

Who knows what brought this one on.  I know that I’ll try to shake it quick.  Ian remained at the gallery this afternoon and I headed on home early.  Dizzy and hot.  Bad signs.  Bad combination for someone driving too.

Thinking about what brought this on……tomorrow I’ll post about my little walk about this morning.  Freezing temperatures, wet hair, pre-sunrise, and some fun photos from lakeside in the Granite Dells.  Yeah, I’m sure that played no role!  😉

I’ll be packing it in for the night early.  Cold remedies are at the ready, the Airstream is snug and warm (but I do hear the wind gusts and the trailer has been a rocking), and right now the couch is calling.  An Airstream isn’t the worst place to be on a cold Arizona night when you’re fighting some bug!

What movie should I pass out to…..uh, I mean watch?

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