Full time rv families

Full Time RV Families

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Over the years I’ve watched a growing trend.  Younger RV’ers like myself hitting the road, and working from the road.  Their RV’s are their homes, and often where they work as well.  Not only are there younger RV’ers out there, I’ve seen more full time RV families trying this lifestyle as well.

Is it a growing trend?  I’m not sure.  But it is interesting to see how people are doing it, what they do for a living, and how they’re working with small spaces and their families.  As I’ve met full time families over the years I’ve noticed that they’re all having a pretty good time.  Maybe this is a way for families to get closer and spend more time together.  In the end all I know is this…..

As a kid I got to spend a lot of time at the lake with my family.  I’d often stay in my Mem & Pep’s trailer on the lake.  It wasn’t a big space, but it was bigger than my Airstream.  Still, most of my time was spent outdoors, swimming, boating, fishing, and generally being a kid.  Those are some of the best memories of my life.  And I’ve got a hunch the children I’ve met with their full time families will probably feel the same way when they get older.

Meet my neighbors

Over the past week several full time RV families have popped into Prescott.  The Currens, of Currently Wandering, pulled in last week and are a short walk from my Airstream.  In the opposite direction, a family trying it out for a few months, Ty and Sarah with their two little ones from My Wife’s Adventure.  Finally, the other day a new full time family popped into the park as well, Dave & Erica with their two children.

I have to say, all of the children I’ve met over the years traveling with their parents are normally super smart, super engaged, and seem to be enjoying themselves.  I remember traveling with Rich and Eleanor from Airstream Life, and their daughter was extremely intelligent and socialized well with everyone she met.  That seems to be a very consistent feature with all of the full time families I’ve met over the years.

On top of that, everyone seems to be having a good time.  They balance work and life in a small space while moving around the country.  And every family I’ve met is always happy to meet new people and share travel stories.  Everyone has the same challenges working from the road, and sharing a small space together.  And talking with them always lets me know, I’m not alone when the challenges come up.

Overall, I’ve always been impressed with the full time families I’ve met, and we’ve really been enjoying the past week getting to know our temporary neighbors.

The Instagram Community

There’s one development in the Full Time RV Family community that I find very interesting.  A lot of communication these days happens through Instagram of all things.  Not Facebook, not Twitter, not their blogs.  Instagram.  While I’m late to the party, I have been using it more, but these families are way ahead of me.

It’s pretty interesting to me that folks are communicating so visually.  A quick photo, an explanation of where you are, and suddenly you hear from 3 people camping near you that you didn’t even know were there.  A new way to make friends, and then keep up with the new friends you’ve made.

Oh, and finally….today’s photos are all iPhone photos.  And yup, we had some fun with our new friends in the Granite Dells.  We’ll be heading out next week, and our new friends will be as well.  But I’m sure we’ll be keeping in touch.

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