Thinking outdoor thoughts

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As we’re wrapping up with our client in Prescott I’m starting to think a lot about our next destination.  The back of the Titan has been emptied out, and I’m trying to figure out how to fit everything into it.

Bottom line, for the next destination I want my mountain bike along with me again.  I haven’t ridden regularly in years, and that’s a shame.  While I enjoy hiking in the locations we visit, and of course photographing the places, you can cover a lot more distance on a mountain bike!  So yes, we’re playing Tetris with the Titan this weekend, all to fit the mountain bike in the back!

Full time RV’ing means keeping track of how much “stuff” you allow into your rig.  If one new thing comes in, something else should go out.  For years fitting the mountain bike was easy.  But with the addition of a few larger Pelican cases for gear, the short bed in the Titan seems a lot shorter!

Our next destination is Chiricahua National Monument.  There’s a lot to see there, and a lot to document for Living In Tin, and the bike will be a great addition to the gear we bring along.  More options for video will be available, and maybe some more photographic opportunities!  So wish me luck with arranging the back of the truck!

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