Sometimes I forget I’m camping

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The Airstream is home & office.  Sometimes I forget, I'm camping too!

The Airstream is home & office. Sometimes I forget, I’m camping too!

Full time Airstream living for years now, I often forget that I’m camping.  For many readers, taking a quick trip in your RV is a weekend adventure, or maybe even a little longer.  And when you head out to a destination there’s all the excitement associated with a big getaway.

In my case, home and travel are combined together.  Often the travel is for work, and I get focused on the work.  But no matter where I go, I am in fact camping.  And the past few weekends have reminded me of that.

Camping songs and more

The Airstream is still parked in Prescott.  We’re at Point of Rocks, and we’ve spent the better part of 5 months here.  Now and again we’ve gotten away for a few weeks, but we keep coming back here because people have been wanting to work with us.  So the last few months have been very work oriented.

Over the last few weekends though I have been reminded (happily) that I am in fact camping.  The RV season is here in Prescott, and Point of Rocks has been super busy.  RV’s pulling in and out of the park every day.  Families having reunions, kids biking the dirt roads and trails, people walking their happy dogs, and live music being played throughout the park.  When a good guitar player is parked next to you, you know you must be camping.

Granite Dells

My back yard while working in Prescott. Not a bad place to unwind at the end of the day!

While we may not be on the road at the moment, the road comes to us.  We’ve met so many great people over the past few weeks, it’s just been amazing.  Everyone is out having a good time and enjoying the blue skies and puffy clouds that Prescott offers.  And visiting with all of these people, in between work of course, has reminded me about many of the positive aspects of full time RV living.

To everyone that we’ve met on the road, and when we’re parked, I have to say I really appreciate you sharing your journey with us, and thanks for becoming part of our journey as well!

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