Further experimentation – Just randomly grab a subject and go!

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Yesterday I had planned a shoot with a friend of mine.  Unfortunately, they had to go to Sedona, and I don’t blame them for not making it.  Heck, I need to take a ride to Sedona soon.  Haven’t been up in a while.

Since I had no subject to photograph you’d think I would just reschedule for another time.  But honestly, I had a few ideas, wanted to setup my gear and see what I thought, and go from there.  Heck, I’d photograph a chair if I had to just to see whether or not my plan would work.  Fortunately, while at the Art Store I was able to rope in an assistant and get a few test shots to work with.

Renato is a newer member of the Art Store, and a pretty cool guy.  He’s also a local artist and if you want to see what he does go to his website, www.faustiniart.com. He wandered into the studio area where I was setting up 3 speedlites and my 5D Mark II.  I asked him if he wanted to see what I was up to, and boom.  Fired off a few shots and go figure the unplanned stuff ends up being stuff you like.

So, how did these images come together?  Well, 5D Mark II, 1 580EX II, 2 430EX II’s, a few light stands and some other stuff.  I’m not ready to jump into the depths of the shots yet, but you can bet in the next few weeks that you’ll be seeing some new images here and there will be a lot of discussion on how they came together…….

I’ll give you a little teaser……  Next week watch for some new belly dancer images that should really grab you!  🙂

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  1. just an FYI that the link to his site is bad, it is trying to append it to the end of your domain and coming up invalid.

    Also, thanks for the print, looks great as usual!

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    Thanks Tombo, just fixed the link! Now it works. And glad you liked your print. It’s a cool shot, and once on canvas I liked it even more!

    Thanks Betsy! I’m starting into a whole new realm of experimentation now and I think these images were a good kick off!

  3. Holy cow – at first glance, I thought that was your Dad. Beautiful usage of the lighting. Your lighting (and numb chuck) skills have vastly improved sooo much over the short period of time. I wish I had mad talent…

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    Hey Tom from Orlando….err, I mean “Happy Clouds”. You know, he does look something like my dad. Didn’t even hit me til you said it.

    Thanks for the compliment on the lighting. I’m still learning, but I’m now playing with some high key lighting ideas that are running around in my head! Still learning, no mad skills yet.

  5. Rich, these are great. I love it when things just work out. Renato looks like a great guy and is very photogenic. Keep going, let’s see some more!

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    Thanks Chris & Josh! I’m excited about trying out some more ideas, but yup getting it dialed in pretty quickly. Still, few ideas because of a movie I saw the other day…. So, we’ll be taking this further. Can’t wait for next Monday!

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