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Gallery updates on a sunny January morning

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I've finally gotten around to really looking at images from my most recent Vulture Trip.

We’re already well into January of 2010. Can you believe it?

A good deal has been happening with the gallery, a few photo shoots, and other random news.  So, let’s get to the latest updates.

  • The print room expansion at the gallery is complete.  Amazingly enough, we didn’t loose as much hanging space as we thought we would.  Now when print clients come in to see their work in progress and do proofing they’ve got room to move around.  I think I’ll be getting a few chairs so folks can be even more comfortable going forward!
  • The Ian Russell Gallery is now looking for two specific artists.  We’d like to find someone who produces blown glass, and we’d like to find a metal jeweler to display as well (silver preferred).  If you’re interested, or if you know someone who would like to show their work in the gallery you can get in touch by following this link.  Be sure to note the reason of your contact, and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can!
  • One on One Photo Classes.  I’ve been asked often over the past year regarding one on one photo classes.  Well, I’ve now started offering several personal training services.  Digital SLR Basics, Photoshop Basics, Photoshop Advance, and Start to Finish HDR.  For more information stop by the gallery, give a call, or drop me a note here.  I’ll be assembling PDF files this week on each one on one training session.
  • For the new year a whole new price schedule.  It’s pretty simple.  $.08 per square inch on photo papers, rags, and water color papers.  $.12 per square inch on canvas prints.  Not a big leap, but hopefully it will allow us to keep up with inflation.  I know, there’s no inflation according to authorities in the know.  But given my background in economics I can tell you that in the real world that’s not a “model” there is inflation.  We’re all feeling it.
  • No major photo trips are planned for the near future.
  • I’m considering offering a workshop this Spring on White Pocket.  The workshop would be 3 days on location, and the maximum number of folks would be pretty small.  3 people.  Currently I’m looking into workshop pricing to ensure that I’d be competitive and reasonable.  For all my readers, let me know what you think about the concept.  If there’s an interest I might line up time to do two 3 day workshops mid-Spring.  Leave me a comment, I really want to know what people think of this concept.
  • I’ve also been considering a few one day workshop ideas as well.  The Vulture Mine, Promised Land (an amazing canyon nearby), and Cottonwood Canyon Road (a 2 day workshop).  Comment away folks, I’d really like some feedback on these ideas!

Well, there’s all the news worthy stuff from the gallery.  Oh, one more quick item……  Yesterday I received the worst haircut I’ve ever had in my life.  So, when you see me on the street, don’t be surprised if I’m hiding under a hat!  🙂

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  1. Vulture Mine rocks!!! Today a small group of folks here drove up to Vulture Mine for a few hours of shooting. There is so much to do there that like you Rich I want to go back again and again. The range of subjects and the chance to try different techniques is better here than anywhere else I have shot. I’d be happy to join you there anytime.

    I just posted a few of the photos I took at if you’d like to look thru another lens.

    Cheers, for a happy new year!!!

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  3. Wow! I’m impressed with your pricing structure! I’ve been reading your blog for the last half year or so, and during your various posts about your printing services I thought I’d like to support you, but I don’t do much canvas and inertia kept me at MpixPro… but I may need to start doing more canvas at that price!
    I assume the $.12 per in.² is for just the canvas w/out a gallery wrap or anything, correct? Even so, your prices are roughly half the price of an MpixPro finished gallery wrap. Do I need special equipment to mount a canvas as a gallery wrap? Would you be able to ship stuff to the east coast, or are you just looking at more local business at this point?

  4. Everyone was impressed by the variety of images available. They didn’t say it this way, but I’d call Vulture Mine an informationally-dense location which makes it ideal for photographic creativity. As a location to teach composition, technique, creativity, etc. I think you have picked the best place around. Hope you can get some positive response to the workshop idea there.

    BTW, when might you be going to Anza Borrego this year. I wonder if a week or two or three later than last year might offer a bit more blooming desert images.

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    Thanks for reading along. And yes, I totally ship to the East Coast. Sent out 2 16×24’s to clients in Florida last week. I’ll do a full post here shortly regarding remote clients and I’ll include a PDF with a full price list. Just getting everything updated. Right now we can ship rolled canvas, framer wraps, and full gallery wraps. If you’re a photographer who is not looking to crop images, the largest pieces I’m sending out right now are 36 x 54″. They’re BIG!

    Mike Young,

    I think Vulture has so much potential for so many types of shoots. Open Desert (at Vulture Peak), the buildings, possibilities for portrait and people work, and more. Also, the history is great. My trip down with Bert, Rob, & group I spent most of the time telling folks the history as I’ve read thoroughly on the subject. Just great stories.

    Borrego might be out this year. As I’ve noted, the business has been self sustaining, but not “me” sustaining. It’s a no frills year right now. In order to hit Borrego I need to make an extra $400 (Airstream registration), gas money, and money to cover me not being at the shop. So, wanna buy a bunch of new canvas prints? 😉

  6. You need to go to Barber Bob on Sheldon St. He fills in on Tuesdays. I just got a great cut from him!

  7. Love to have more prints made. I’d be very interested to see how some of the more extreme tweaks I’ve made to my old photos look when printed. The issue right now is wall space. I wish I had a wall on which I could have a continuously changing exhibition. Must not conflict with the decor, you know. I would consider those Ikea hanging clips to allow for simple reconfiguration. I’ll keep working on the idea with the boss. 😉

    I understand about Borrego. Hope that I can work a trip around my teaching obligations. I have carved out a few days for the rally at Dead Horse and hope that there will be snow on the red rocks and up Oak Creek Canyon. I didn’t take too many photos last year and must get back for more. Was at Grand Canyon before Christmas but the only snow was on the rim and for the third time and for the seventh day in 2009, the sun and clouds did not cooperate. Nonetheless, I got some better photos and have been getting more involved with the Nik suite of apps that help improve the results considerably. Always more to learn and do as you know so well.

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