Getting in front of the camera might just be good for me

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A lovely image of Watson Lake. Now, if I stood in this frame, even with the wide angel lens, I would have blocked most of the scenery.......

Plowing along through my first full length video class has had its ups and downs.  Lately I feel like I’m in front of the computer even more than normal!

However, I’ve also gotten out to do some unique shooting for the class that hasn’t been seen here on the blog.  And I’ve had to spend a good bit of time in front of the camera.  Normally I’m always safely hidden away behind the camera.  I think I know why now too.

See, there’s been a consistent pattern in all the video edits of me over the past few months.  I seem to be increasing in mass.  Put it another way?  As I watched a clip today I asked myself, “So, when are you due?”

Ah, since the whole eosinophillic disorder has come to a conclusion with the discovery that my root canalled tooth was the “root” of my autoimmune issues I’ve been indulging.  Baguettes, tasty treats, chocolate, and more.  All the things that were ruled out of my diet are back in for the most part.  Ah yes, no milk or eggs allowed still, but that’s a good thing.  If they were allowed I’d most likely be even bigger!

To all of you around me who see me on a daily basis……  Thank you for not walking up to me and rubbing my tummy for good luck!  It is appreciated!  However, after watching video of me today, I wish someone would have asked me if I was enjoying myself a little too much…….

The over doing it stops today.  When you see yourself on screen and immediately wonder when the gut go so big you know it’s time for a change.  More walks in the Dells, less chocolate.  More time on the mountain bike, not so many baguettes (although they are tasty).  I think you get the idea.

If nothing else, the video clips will remind me of the time I got a little excited about being able to eat a lot of food I wasn’t allowed to for a while.  But it’s time to hit the moderation button!

No wonder why I stay behind the camera.  Getting in front of it allows me to see myself in a critical way!  Maybe I should hire a spokes model for future video production…….  🙂

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  1. I’m hearing you. I’m actually starting to go to the gym. I figure an hour a night on the treadmill should start to help. Unfortunately, there are no cool hiking areas around here. Funny what happens when your clock hits 40…

  2. Dude, you deserve to indulge after that trial! I look forward to eating at Arby’s with you again some day. (We’re going on 20 years now since you and Yung introduced me to it.)

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