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Almost overlooked an important anniversary! The Airstream Chronicles Continued is 2 Year Old!

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2 years ago yesterday “The Airstream Chronicles Continued,” came into existence.  Yup, it’s been 2 years now!  Woah.

Back in 2008 I found my original site, “Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles” under constant attack and hacking.  My old hosting provider had some issues.  Yeah, we’ll call it issues……hmmmmm……  So, I switched to a very stable and consistent provider, and when I did I decided to completely retool rather than drag the old hacked database and blog along.

So, what’s gone on in 2 years?  Well, the start of RL Charpentier Photography, trips to Zion, the Vermillion Cliffs, the Grand Staircase, Ghost towns, and so much more.  And through it all I’ve been printing my brains out.  Workshops, Photoshop Classes, one on one instructing….and so much more.  And through it all I’m still in my Airstream.

The Chronicles continue!

Now, what about the blog?

  • 781 Entries (this entry makes 782)
  • 34 Categories
  • 235 Tags
  • Uncountable photos
  • Readership growth that is better than 30% per year.
  • Page views that continue to grow
  • Average readers spend more than 8 minutes on the site.
  • More than 50% of visitors view more than one page per visit.  Not a bad bounce rate!

What’s coming next?  No idea.  More posts, more pictures, and I’m sure different stories to tell.  I’m going into my 3rd year in business, and as a small business in a dismal economy that’s pretty amazing.  So, more amazing stuff to come I hope.

To all of you who follow this site, Thank You!  🙂  And thanks for not voting me off the island…….

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  1. I’m curious. Do RSS feeds count as hits? I usually visit your site from the Safari RSS reader and only go to the full site when I want to make a comment.

  2. Post


    Hey there! They’re actually counted separately which is okay. My stats program breaks things down by direct visits (navigating to the website), Spider visits (google and the rest), feeds, and daily page views. For instance, yesterday beyond direct hits I had:

    -506 page views from direct navigation to the site.
    -2514 hits from spiders (they sure do visit the site every day)
    -181 readers through feeds.
    -196 unique IPs that navigated directly to read on the site.

    The 196 unique IPs are responsible for the 506 page views. The feeds are counted separately and thats for each feed read. So, if you looked at 2 articles via the feed, you would have been responsible for 2 of those feeds.

  3. Rich,

    Quite detailed. Makes sense. Speaking of making sense (how’s that for a segue?), I’ve been contemplating a small, one-person photo excursion camper. I got inspired by a Teardrop trailer at Picacho Peak this Spring. I’d like something with interior facilities, however, and these old bones would rather sit in a normal position.

    So, I’ve been searching around for plans and found a Tiny Trailer similar in spirit to the old VW Westfalia I had. It’s called the Compact III. My first attempt at a modification is posted at the Teardrops & Tiny Travel Trailers forum at If you are curious, search for my posting with my username: myoung.

  4. Congrats on the 2nd Anniversary! Can’t think of anything cotton to get you… Version 2 of the Airstream Chronicles really has taken wings over the past 2 years – thanks taking all of us along on the journey. Look forward to the next 2 years – and beyond!

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