Getting with the times – I’ve got a QR Code doo hickie (that’s technical jargon)

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Okay, today Ida over at the Frame and I inspired me.  She had created a new QR Code (Quick Response) that you can read with a smart phone.  So, what’s that get ya?

Uh, I dunno.

Actually, I’ll be including my QR Code on future business cards and brochures.  If you’ve got a smart phone and a QR reader you can read this image and it will offer to whisk you away to the main Rich Charpentier site which has my small portfolio and other business information.  Pretty cool.  I could see using this in print advertising to link to my website for special offers, etc.  We’ll have to see.  First I’m going to continue scanning all the junk in my Airstream with RedLaser’s IPhone app.  Very cool.  Not only does the app work on my QR Code, but it works on bar codes.  I’ve used it to check out my sunblock, Zantac, and my QR code.  I’m gonna scan Starburst next just to see……  ah yes, look what I do with my day off!

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  1. Another friend of mine told me about these – never really saw a benefit until you mentioned business cards and print media though…makes sense now!

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    I too did not see the benefit of these at first. They started popping up in Photoshop User Magazine not long ago and I shrugged. But thinking about my next business cards (which I need to do) I could see tagging one of these on there. Same with updated brochures too.

    Personally, I’m having fun with the “Redlaser” scanning program. I have scanned everything in the Airstream. Clearly I need a hobby……

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