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Goodbye Chiricahua, Hello Bisbee

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This morning we said a sad farewell to Chiricahua National Monument.  Fortunately if all goes according to plan we’ll say hello to it again in June.  I’ll write more about that later.  Instead of heading straight back up to Prescott I decided to take a detour through Bisbee, AZ.  I’ve visited Bisbee previously, but Jodi has never seen the town and I thought she’d enjoy it.

Bisbee – Like Jerome on steroids

The town of Bisbee reminds me a lot of Jerome (near Prescott).  The big difference is the size of the town.  Bisbee is much larger than Jerome.  It’s a very cool little art town, and we’ll do a little exploring for a few days for fun.

My last visit to Bisbee had me searching along the “Ghost Town Trail,” of Arizona.  I used Bisbee as a launching point to visit several ghost towns in the area.  And the town itself also has a great history and is sometimes referred to as an active ghost town.

The Copper Queen is said to be haunted.  I haven’t personally checked that out, but I think I’ll happily spend my nights in the Airstream just in case.

I’m looking forward shooting around the town again.  I haven’t been here since 2009, and the last time I was here it was a little cold (pulled into town on New Years Day).  The last time I visited I was also into some extreme HDR work.  This time around I think we’ll take a softer approach.

A few days off

You might think we’ve been “playing” over the past two weeks, but that’s about as far from the truth as you can get.  The past two weeks have been a lot of work.  We had two things to do coming down to the Chiricahua area.  Number one, see about improving websites for a few RV parks close to the Chiricahuas.  Number two, document the heck out of the area for Living In Tin.

Truth be told, I’m personally exhausted.  So Bisbee is all about actually relaxing, no web work, no SEO, no shooting for publication.  I’m planning on having a few fun days and photographing the heck out of the town for my own grins and giggles.

If you don’t remember my last visit to the area, it is on this blog.  But for a quick refresher, a few images are shown below in a gallery created all the way back in 2009!


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