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The past month has been an odd one.  Honestly I’ve barely picked up the camera, and it’s not due to lack of interest.  Just been all over the place, mostly due to the whole jaw infection.  Bummer.

One month ago my jaw lit up like you wouldn’t believe.  Extreme pain to be sure!  And the funny thing?  It was under the tooth that had a root canal almost 5 years ago.  Didn’t think that could happen, but go figure, it did.

The first root canal really wasn’t that painful.  Antibiotics for a few weeks, then the oral surgery, then another week of antibiotics and I was done.  Days after finishing out the antibiotics back then (January of 2005) I felt like my insides exploded, and I went to a doctor for the first time in 12 years.  White count through the roof, eosinophils through the roof, and a call back thinking it was my appendix.

For the remainder of 2005 I had follow up after follow up with physician after physician.  All agreed, my white count was not human, but nobody offered a solution.  What a rotten and painful year.

Fast forward to now…..

The re-root canal was extremely painful.  In total, 20 days on Cipro as the first 10 days had not killed the infection.  You wouldn’t believe the gunk that came out of my gums.  And through all of this I asked a simple question to my physician and oral surgeon.  “Could I have been walking around with this infection for quite a while now?”  The answer from both was yes.  That’s funny, because 5 physicians told me in 2005 that it was not possible, and 3 oral surgeons told me the same.

Could so many people have missed it back then?  I think so.  One reason I think so is my white count is nearly human as of last blood drawing.  In the 10K range.  I haven’t seen the 10K range in 5 years.  Seriously, not in 5 years.

As a side note, my oral surgeon made some comments about whoever did my last root canal.  He went so far as to say the dentist didn’t do the job right.  Now, I always liked my old dentist back in New England but got to thinking.  I realized that my ex had to do a re-root canal after an initial one with the same guy.  So, was it done right?  My new oral surgeon gave me the answer that was in his mind.

So, I’ve been exhausted fighting the infection over the past few weeks.  And I’m crossing my fingers that we’ve killed it for good.  Only time will tell.  Not sure what the next step would be short of fire bombing my system.  And all of this medical annoyance has kept me from what I really have been wanting to do.  Take some more fun photos, take a walk, return to Cottonwood Canyon Road and White Pocket, explore Water Holes Canyon, and more.

In all honesty, the camera hasn’t been totally idle.  My days have been gallery oriented, and evenings couch oriented, but while on the couch I’ve toyed with wireless flash setups and amused myself here and there with odd Airstream interior shots.  Just for fun you know, and goofing around.  But now I’m starting to feel almost like a person again, so my mind is on the next fun photo trip!  Oh, and I’m also looking forward to not needing to sleep at 8:00 p.m. as well.  Good grief, I’ve been exhausted!

Look forward to new pictures in the near future.  And cross your fingers for me, I’m hoping we’ve finally isolated the issue that’s been driving my autoimmune problems for the last 5 years!

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  1. Wow, what a journey. It is good that you are now able to see the source of the problem, that your white blood cell count is getting back to human standards, and have a doctor that really believes in healing you.
    Get ‘Completely’ Soon!

  2. OMG!!! With this issue resolved, hopefully all of the other sequential issues do as well.

    I split a molar last week and will be getting a temporary cap in another week. Aging is the pits.

    Wishing you good health and exciting photo adventures.


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