Today is an “all canvas day”

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Since 9 a.m. the printer has been running.  It’ll continue running until closing time.  Robert Jamason picked out his first round of canvases, so that’s what I’m running for the day.  5 16×24’s, 2 24×36’s, and a 20×24.

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This will be a 20x24" canvas for the first go round. All shots in this post are by Rob Jamason

Gotta say, I enjoy running other people’s prints as much as I enjoy running my own.  The best part is when somebody sees their stuff in large format and gallery wrapped.  The reaction is always the same.  They’re blown away by their own image.  It’s fun to see that reaction!

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My new personal favorite image from Rob.

I’ve been asked regularly whether or not I feel competitive with other photographers.  The short answer is No.  The long answer still results in no, but sometimes I do want to learn how they do their work because it’s so darned impressive to me.  So, you’ll find me regularly having “Damn I wish I’d taken that” moments, and those moments drive me to work on my own techniques.  More often than not I’m just over impressed with other people’s work, and I’m happy to help by printing for them!

If you’re interested in his work be sure to leave a comment or drop a line.  In total I’m running eight canvases, all number one of what we hope will be a successful first series for Rob.  If readers are interested I’d be more than happy to help arrange sales of his #1’s!  🙂

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Another personal favorite that jumped out at me the first time I saw it.

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