Great trip, too tired to type

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Of course, the story will come later.  In the meantime, here’s a bunch of photos for you to look at.  Think you can write your own story to go with the images.

Oh, no HDRs, no heavy editing…..nothing.  Quick views in Lightroom, quick picks, and then exported to share.

The White Pocket Monolith at sunset

Me entering White Pocket

Wonder what this will look like HDR'ed

Can't tell you how cool this formation is in person!

Shortly befoe sunset. Amazing what time of day can do.

Looks like someone laid paver stones, doesn't it?

In the Cottonwood Narrows.

The Nissan in the Candy Land!

In the candy land!

Candy Land!

Seriously, this scene is real!

You couldn't make up a landscape like this!

One more from Candy Land

Grovener Arch under storm clouds

Once again, haven’t even gotten into editing.  Just offloaded images, and picked out some that caught me right off the bat.  There are some images not yet posted that I’ve flagged for print.  Some are flagged for HDR.  Some are just flagged.  After this trip I have a ton of sorting, but no patience.  Long trip, tired guy!  Watch for more images and a story soon.  Hope you enjoy the images!  🙂

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