Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

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The Thanksgiving post was totally missed!  Top reasons?

  • I slept in late as I didn’t get home until after mid-night.  Very tired boy!
  • After sleeping in I got right to cleaning the trailer.  Guests coming you know!
  • Once the trailer was clean I started cooking.
  • When the cooking was done I had to clean again.  Small space, remember?
  • After the cleaning there was of course eating.
  • With food in my tummy I felt extremely satiated and tired!

There you go.  My excuses for not posting yesterday.  Pretty good ones, eh?

Well, Happy Day After Thanksgiving to you!  Hope you didn’t camp out in front of random stores for deals.  Sleeping in is better!

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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful Thanksgiving…you totally outdid yourself! I was just looking at the picture of the meat pie that I took, and I am still so impressed at the beautiful pattern you made on the top! It was the perfect day to sit in and laze around 🙂

  2. Amen, I’m with you on sleeping. I gave up Black Friday years ago. Don’t like crowds; don’t need anything.

    I think hubby and I just about decided we want to full-time it. It’ll be a long process to get there, but I think I feel it in our future!

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