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Time is definitely precious.  I don’t have much of it lately, so I value it greatly!

In another week I’ll have more time available.  Well, sort of.  My newly freed up time will be re-tasked to the gallery.  Busy will still be the order of the day, but I’ll have a new set of “busy” items to deal with.  Fortunately the change in schedule should allow for broader blog posts once again, new tutorials, and maybe even some new podcasts.

Oh yes, this will all occurr between the stack of growing print jobs.  Sure my time will free up!  Heh!  Wishful thinking, but I’ll still give it a whirl!  In the end, I think I’ll always be busy, and that’s a positive.  Just a differnt kind now!

This morning I finally found a few moments to sort through the latest round of photos from the ghost town visit the other day.  A few more gems in the rough came out of the trip.  I knew there were a few more, I just didn’t have time to really examine all of the shots.

All about time you know.

If you can’t tell, I seem to have developed a fixation with old wagons.  Well, not really a fixation….just the availability of wagons to shoot leads one to conclude that there could be a fixation.  There were several old wagons at the photo site, and I tried to get as many as I could.  Provided they made for an interesting shot that is!

A return visit to Yarnell might be in order.  I’ve got it marked off on my little “return” list, and I’m sure I will sometime in the future.  Maybe during the monsoons.  Just imagine some of these shots with menacing storms moving in!  That would be very interesting indeed!

Little else to post on this evening.  Just thought I’d pop up the latest shots that I enjoyed from the ghost town visit.  A few more were selected today too, but I just can’t post everything at once.  Where’s the fun in that?

By the way……the second shot in this post is of a very old and very small church structure.  I was thinking of calling it, “Waiting by the church.”  The old wagon broken down in front of the building was interesting.  What I’d love is a person in an old faded and yellowed bridal gown set between the building and wagon with the gown flowing in the wind.  That would be an interesting image I think.

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  1. Ohhh…scary bride eh? I’m sorry to say that I threw my wedding gown away after I wore it…one could probably read something into that, but there it is…

  2. Rich,All three of your wagon wheel images represent a truly wonderful form of photo art. Maybe you should offer them not only as individual prints but also as a set. At any rate, I’ll be surprised if these don’t become some of your best sellers. But then I’m prejudice, as I also like wagon wheels. Hope to see your shop this spring.

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