Heads up to my clients – I’ll be away for a few days, so take note

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Alright everyone.  I’ve been dying to get away for more than a month now.  I mean really get away.  You know, where my cell phone doesn’t work, the e-mail doesn’t go “bing”, and I know I can enjoy some quiet time and amazing scenes.

So, Thursday May 12th through Monday May 16th I will be unavailable.  I’ll be back in the office Tuesday the 17th.  And yes, I know the Phippen show is coming up, so if you have work to bring me do it this week Monday – Wednesday.  Not going to rush prints for Phippen, and we’ve all had plenty of time to plan for it.  Last minute rush jobs are a no no this year!  😉

Where am I going?  Off to see some slot canyons, some larger canyons, a few waterfalls, a few petroglyphs, and many sand dunes.  And no, not going to White Pocket or Coyote Buttes.  When I return I should have some amazing scenes to share with you.  Can’t wait to visit some spooky slot canyons!


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