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Here we go again…..

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Several months ago I was contacted by a regular reader who informed me that he was experiencing some strange stuff here on the blog.  Advertisements for “men’s pharmaceuticals” were showing up here and there on my pages.  I tore through the site on my Mac, and couldn’t find a thing.

Well, this weekend I was contacted by a second reader.  He too was experiencing issues and sent along a few screen shots to show me.  While I couldn’t replicate the issue on my Macs or on Windows machines here at the gallery, I figured something was up.

Researching like crazy yesterday I came across a class of hacks happily referred to as “pharma hacks.”  Apparently scripts are loaded into your WordPress folders (how did folks gain access, thought I had a super secure hosting provider) and you have a lot of cleaning to do.  Last night and this morning I’ve been tearing everything apart.

So here’s what I need from readers.  Take a look through the blog.  The main page and the posts themselves.  If you see any of these adverts for men’s enhancement (ugh) and the like please leave me a comment and tell me where you’re seeing them.  These hacks are harmless to my readers unless you click their stupid links.  So, don’t click the stupid links.

You know, I really love spending HOURS working on undoing some vandal’s work on my site.  After all, I’ve got nothing better to do!

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  1. Check your first link under the ‘Arizona Links’ sidebar, called ‘Computer Garage’; it directs me to a website of the same name with a .biz domain, offering to sell me Xanax without a prescription. I don’t *think* you mean to have that link….

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